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Polish S rim polisher IN STOCK Rim straightener Kaiser 57T00 Gamma GT Smartbooth
Our Price: $5,896.00
Our Price: $5,798.00
Our Price: $9,922.00
professional rim polisher machine professional rim repair machine Standalone spray booth
Motorized rim polisher and cleaner.
From 11" up to 30" rims

The difference with the bigger brother is that this model lacks the hydraulic presser,operator has to press the brush to the rim's surface manually.
Motorized rim straightener machine. Gamma Gt smartbooth

Rim straightener Kaiser 5400 with lathe Gamma Gt Smartprep rack Double Gamma Gt Smartsukker Double tray
Our Price: $6,955.00
Our Price: $3,610.00
Special Price: $9,339.00
professional rim repair machine SmartPrep Standalone spray booth with single tray.
Professional rim repair machine from 10" to 24" rims equipped with lathe on horizontal rails. Gamma Gt smartprep rack Gamma Gt mini-smartbooth

Rim straightener Professional Digital Center rings (2 pc) for Hydraulic Rim straighteners (60,1mm&66,6mm) Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base IN STOCK
Our Price: $19,640.00
Our Price: $48.00
Our Price: $58.00
Special Price: $49.30
professional hands-free digital rim repair Center rings (2 pc) for Hidraulic Rim straighteners (60,1&66,6) Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base
Check features under the video. Special diameter center ring for hidraulic rim straighteners. (60,1mm&66,6mm) This 1" stroke dial indicator features large, easy to read numbers and crisp graduations. All in a plastic case.
Robatek full-automatic tire changer Rim ROLLER Straightener machine GammaGT CNC27M Diamond Cut Lathe Machine
Our Price: $11,670.00
Our Price: $5,639.00
Our Price: $45,401.00
Robatek tire changer professional rim roller for rims CNC lathe for face part of the rim
Full automatic tire-changer
Professional rim repair press and roller for steel and alloy rims. With our Professional Diamond cut machines you can reproduce original special surface feature, the circumference. After this, you can call, Professional result.

Today's Super Deal!

Speedy Round Plus rim starightener

Our Price: $23,440.00
Rim repair on the highest level
Automated precise rim care with lathe and heating.

Top Sellers

Speedy Round Evo II
Our Price: $20,325.00

New Products

Multi angle support bridge
Our Price: $760.00
Grandmaster rim straightener machine with lathe
Our Price: $22,650.00
Wheel washer for tireshops
Our Price: $14,860.00
rim wheel polish and clean kit
Our Price: $1,479.00

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