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  • Received my rim straightener machine called Professional Digital. Good product, fast shipping and excellent service. Thanks

    Mickey Blackstone rim restoration
  • I am not yet a customer but I have received excellent support and professional service with my inquiries.

    George PM Service


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Standalone spray booth Gamma GT Smartbooth

Gamma Gt smartbooth

Our Price: $9,922.00
Center rings (2 pc) for Hidraulic Rim straighteners (60,1&66,6) Center rings (2 pc) for Hydraulic Rim straighteners IN STOCK (60,1mm&66,6mm)

Special diameter center ring for hidraulic rim straighteners. (60,1mm&66,6mm)

Our Price: $48.00
Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base IN STOCK

This 1" stroke dial indicator features large, easy to read numbers and crisp graduations. All in a plastic case.

Our Price: $58.00
Special Price: $49.30
CNC lathe for face part of the rim GammaGT CNC228 MAXI Diamond Cut CNC Lathe Machine

With our Professional Diamond cut machines you can reproduce original special surface feature, the circumference. After this, you can call, Professional result.

Our Price: $49,201.00
GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer With GTPL240 Assist Arm

The Weaver W-898XS tire changer with GTPL240 Power Assist Arm is commercial grade tire machine. With a range that handles up to 28" clamping and rim widths up to 15". The GTPL240 Power Assist Arm is the easy way to change tough/stiff low profile and run flat tires.

Our Price: $2,860.00
Automatic rim straightener machine Speedyround Evo II full Automatic straightener

Automotive rim care and Rim Straightener machine.

Our Price: $20,325.00
Wheel welder from Gammatrade POWER MIG 256 LE Welder machine with special gun for ALUMINIUM

When it's time to move up to the more demanding MIG welding jobs on thicker materials, the POWER MIG 256 features digital meters that enable you to dial in exact settings, as well as timer functions that deliver an additional level of weld control.
Set consisting a special aluminum gun (Magnum® 250LX Spool gun) and a cylinder.

Our Price: $4,515.00
professional rim roller for rims Rim ROLLER Straightener machine

Professional rim repair press and roller for steel and alloy rims.

Our Price: $5,639.00
professional rim roller for rims Rim ROLLER with Hydraulic straightener

Professional rim repair press and roller for steel rims.

Our Price: $6,794.00
professional rim polisher machine Polish S rim polisher IN STOCK

Motorized rim polisher and cleaner.
From 11" up to 30" rims

The difference with the bigger brother is that this model lacks the hydraulic presser,operator has to press the brush to the rim's surface manually.

Our Price: $5,896.00
Entry level hydraulic rim repair machine Rim straightener junior S IN STOCK

Entry level but very effective rim straightener machine.
No electric engine to spin the rim.
Perfect to deal with bents and to restore the shape of the rim
Perfect for any wheel repair.

Our Price: $3,924.00
Standalone spray booth with single tray. Gamma Gt Smartsukker Double tray

Gamma Gt mini-smartbooth

Special Price: $9,339.00