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GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel & Parts Washer - Make it clear!

- The only washing machine customized or automotive industry

- Perfect result, clear surface

- Fast and efficient working

- Easy-to-use: fully-automatic operation

- Environment-friendly: ECO-friendly chemicals without any solvents

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GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel & Parts Washer

Pangea – The perfectionist

- Straightens wheels up to 28 inch

Unique 2 automatic pressing heads, you can fix 2 different positions at the same time

- A matchless probe, a flexible bi-directional measuring system

- Faster than you previously thought

- US customer service

- More info: Pangea

GAMMA GT SmartPrep Rack

- Alloy Wheel Repair workstation

- ergonomic design

- robust construction

- More info: GAMMA GT SMARTPREP Rack

CNC Diamond lathe cut for wheels

- Fully automatic scanning
and cutting system with a 15" touchscreen monitor. Less than 10 touches and you can cut.

- Best ratio of price and quality

- Cut up to 28 inches wheels

- No need any special skills to use

- Wi-fi connection for remote help desk

- US customer service

- More info: GT CNC26PC

Polish S Rim Polisher

- polishing up to 30"

- Motorized rim polisher and cleaner

- Lots of different adaptors for different brushes

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Polish S Rim Polisher

Wheel Shine Painting Booth

- Special Design Rim Retention Kit

- Airflow

- Pressure drop

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Wheel Shine Painting Booth

GAMMA GT SmartCure UV Cure

- Clean high quality results

- Curing cycle is fully automated with one-touch operation

- countdown timer

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GAMMA GT SmartCure UV Cure