The Gammatrade State of the Art machines are unique machines the on entire world. These machines have no same competition at technical parameters or knowledge at this time on the market.

Rave up your business and get market advantage! Get Gammatrade State of the Art Machine, push down your competitors and get respect from your customers!

Pangea – The perfectionist

- Unique 2 automatic pressing heads, you can fix 2 different position at the same time

- Matchless probe, flexible bi-directional measuring system at the same time too

- Faster than you previously thought

- More info: Pangea
GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel & Parts Washer - Make it clear!

- The only washing machine customized for automotive industry

- Perfect result, clear surface

- Fast, efficient working

- Easy-to-use: full-automatic operation

- Environment friendly: ECO friendly chemicals without any solvents

- Daily cost: $14.5 / day (counting with only 4 item a day)

- More info:
GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel & Parts Washer

Gamma GT CNC26PC – Touch and cut

- Full automatic cutting system with touch screen. Less than 10 touches and you can cut.

- Diamond cut lathe with left, right or middle hand blade. Don’t give to the girls!

- Rim size up to 26 inches.

- More info: GT CNC26PC

Speedy Round Plus – Can you find similar? Oh nooo…

- Unique repairing system on the entire world.

- The employee saver, just start it and leave it alone!

- Multifunctional repair system. 2 rims on the 2 sides at the same time.

- More info: Speedyround Plus

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vehicle mover and lifter CRIS Vehicle Mover

This electro-hydraulic vehicle mover and lifter helps you lifting and positioning all the vehciles in your inventory.

Our Price: $29,400.00