Gammatrade LLC.

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GammaTrade USA offers high quality garage euqipment solutions, specialized in rim care and
straightening. Our products represent the best quality that is accessable on the market. A wide
range of variety is available, whether it's an entry-level machine your business needs or you want
to serve your customer's demand with the best

We own products which have been developed based on our experience
since 1990 such as the Diamond Cut Lathe Machines or Ultrasonic Washers.
We not only sell our equipments but we also use them on daily basis as we have
been running workshops for more than 20 years.

Our competence have been awarded multiple times in the last couple years. In 2013 we were chosen the "Best Shop" in our area
and in 2017 at the Orlando Mobile Tech Expo, our technican, Miklos, was awarded with "Wheel Restoration Person Of The Year" .

Our Mission

Gammatrade features well-engineered, long-lasting
equipment built to the highest standards — and
we incorporate features that make the job faster,
more economical, easier and safer for you, the use

Our Vision

Our focus is on supplying high quality tools and
equipment to the automotive industry,
including Mechanicals, Tyre Shops,
Rim Repair, Refinishing and Body Shops.

What separates us from the rest of the pack?

We are specialized in garage equipment which has proven itself.

As we do care about your health and safety, we are comitted to
build more ergonomical tools and lower the hard, phisycal work.
Therefore all of our products have been selected to match up to these criterias.

Our team

We believe that Gammatrade serves it’s clients with the highest quality,
and the best products which are accessible on the market today.
To sustain this standard of our service, our qualified team is always
available for you to solve any problems they may arise.


Our tools always live up to the expectations of our audiance!

Contact us today:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 800-948-2178
  • Office: 500 N Dixie Highway Bay 10
      • Hollywood, FL 33020