In its over fifty-year history, Autopromotec has registered a tremendous growth, thanks to the presence of internationally renowned exhibitors, and is now considered the main European trade show gathering all automotive aftermarket product groups under one roof: from tires to car service, from workshop equipment to spare parts.
Product innovations and industrial excellence, cutting edge technologies and market opportunities, high-level conventions and B2B meetings draw manufacturers and professional operators from all over the world to a venue designed to create globally oriented networks, boost business growth and collect important strategic inputs.
Autopromotec is now the most specialized international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products.

The 28th edition of Autopromotec, the international biennial exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products (Bologna, 22-26 May 2019), is almost upon us, and the organisers are unveiling their forecasts of the foreign delegations expected to travel to the Bologna exhibition centre. Thanks to the event's intense strategic international promotion based on consolidated partnerships with various chambers of commerce and independent organisations worldwide, Autopromotec 2019 plans to welcome more than 120 delegates – including buyers and institutional operators – from over 35 countries.

Autopromotec has already established its role as an international trade show of primary importance for the after-sales market. Indeed, over the course of its more than 50 years of history the event has followed a path of continuous development, culminating with the record-breaking edition of 2017 that saw 1,599 exhibitors (more than 58 brands represented) and 113,616 professionals, of which over 23,000 from abroad. This year's edition promises once again to be a must-attend event for trade professionals to see for themselves the latest technologies and services offered by the automotive market. They will have the opportunity to meet with exhibitors recognised worldwide for their technological excellence that have exports exceeding 70% of turnover.

our featured wheel repair machine

Diamond Cut Lathe Technology & Refurbishment

The diamond-tip is made in when manufacturing the wheels. The simple way to describe "what is a diamond cut wheel” just to compare the face of the wheel with a CD, both have very fine lines running around their circumference.
Many cars and more are fitted with diamond cut finished wheels and also the new cars alloy wheels most common has 2 colors (usually original alloy and silver or black). Refurbishing it required special skills, more labor time and the finish never same than manufactured, because missing the diamond cut. With our Professional Diamond cut machines you can reproduce original special surface feature, the circumference. After this, you can call, Professional result.

Are you running an alloy wheel repair business and looking for Professional solution to restore manufactured quality surface? You have come to the right place, GammaTrade offer Professional CNC alloy wheel lathe machines for best value of your money with affordable and lowest price in the market.
Our machine has been developed for non-CNC expert users, this reason easy to use, but of course we provide training and technical support.

How does it work?

Our CNC alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish wheel industry, adapted for users. Diamond cut wheels are refurbished in the same way as standard painted. Be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel, combined with an application of base coat paint can produce some spectacular finishes.

The next part of the process different from the standard painted wheel as the wheel now has to mounted on our CNC lathe machine so the face of the wheel can be machined to get the Diamond cut finish. Once the wheel has been machined it is then cleaned and then ready for the lacquer to be applied. Our diamond cut lathe machines you can prepare easier and faster the refurbishing alloy wheels, safe labor and money.