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Frequently asked questions about rim straightening.

What damages the rims?
The most damages are caused by the wrong roads, collisions ,potholes and curbes.

Which part of the rim suffers the most?
The typical rim damage is on the inner side of the rim, which can’t be seen. That is why we need to check the condition of the the rim every time when we change your tires.
Those damages what can be seen are only on the face part, or on the lip of the rim, but most of them are only cosmetic damages. Of course, all of the mentioned damages can be repaired with our machines.

Can all the rims be fixed?
In theory all kind of damaged rim can be repaired, It can be fixed but as always there are lost causes.

In general we can say you can easily judge after a few weeks in the business.

What if the rim is cracked?
If the rim is cracked, only welding can help. I would advise to weld the the rim in a professional workshop where they deal with it or if you have a certified welder in your shop, you’re covered.

What is the biggest rim size that can even be repaired?
It depends on the rim staightener machine. The most can repair up to 24’ but some of them can up to 30’. Our largest machine works up to 30”. Just think about it that is huge.

Do I have to remove the tire?
We advise to remove the tire to be on the safe side,however we see pros working on rims with tires on.

Bottom line is, make the decision with the fact in mind,that if the tire gets damaged that might be expensive.

On the other hand if it is only a minor damage you might be ok with the tire left on.

How long does it take?
We would say 20-30 minutes in average depending on experience and machinery.

Do I need to heat the rim?
There are two different practices.

You’re right.The ones that heat the rims during straightening.

And the ones who don’t . The debate between them is almost as old as straightening itself.

We do heat the rims while working on them, to 250F approx.

How much can you charge for a repair?
Average straightening goes from 65 to 150$.

Do the math, three rims a day 5 days a week. That is 975$ a week with the lowest fee(65$).

Almost 50k a year.

Will be continued....