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Giving back the perfect roundness to the rims is the hardest task in the rim repair business. These rim straighteners were just designed to deal with that. They are so convinient, that basically all you have to do is mount the rim, press a button and the rest is done by the machine. Saves time, saves money. Can restore the factory standards to OEM rims also.
These machines are unique and made in Italy in the finest Italian engineering tradition.

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rim straightener extender Additional toolkit for 19-22" rims

Additional toolkit for rims 19-22 inches

Our Price: $532.00
Rim repair on the easy way Easy Round Rim Straightener

Portable rim repair machine which requires no power source, air or electricity.

Our Price: $3,934.00
Automatic rim straightener machine Speedyround Evo II fully Automatic straightener

Automotive rim care and Rim Straightener machine.

Our Price: $26,500.00
Rim repair on the highest level Speedyround Plus fully automatic straightener with lathe and heating up to 28". IN STOCK

Automated precise rim care with lathe and heating.

Our Price: $29,500.00