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FEMAS Bead Breaker Roller Board FEMAS Bead Breaker Roller Board

Bead Breaker Roller Board for ergonomic work

Our Price: $452.90
Tire Changer repair&parts Tire Changer repair&parts


Our Price: $615.00
GAMMA W-894XS half automatic tire changer GAMMA10-24 W-894XS Tire Changer

The GAMMA W-894XS Tire Changer is the perfect professional grade wheel clamp tire changer for the general repair shop or car enthusiast.

Our Price: $1,780.00
GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer With GTPL240 Assist Arm

The Gamma 10-28 W898XS tire changer with GTPL240 Power Assist Arm is commercial grade tire machine. With a range that handles up to 28" clamping and rim widths up to 15". The GTPL240 Power Assist Arm is the easy way to change tough/stiff low profile and run flat tires.

Our Price: $2,980.00
FAVORITE G101 Favorite G101


Our Price: $3,700.00
Special Price: $3,330.00
Savings: $370.00
tire fix road simulator Tire Fix Road Simulator

This professional equipment simulates the effects of rolling on the streets which helps the tire to get the best fit on the rim.

Our Price: $5,470.00
Special Price: $4,300.00
Savings: $1,170.00
GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer with FASEP B110 Digital Wheel Balancer with hand spin GammaGT28 Wheel Combo

Perfect solution for smaller shops as this 2-in-1 package doesn't require too much space! Perfect package for tire changing services as it comes with a tire changer and a balancer machine together! ITALIAN QUALITY!

Our Price: $5,830.00
Caruzo Auto G26 Caruzo Auto G26

•Full automatic tyre changer (12"-26")
•Optional auto lever
•Standart Plus system for high performance tyres
•Standard two speed (8-16 rpm)
•Standard new generation automatic bead breaker
•Optional TI (Shocking) System
•8-10 bar working pressure
•Net weight 378 kg

Our Price: $6,700.00
Special Price: $6,030.00
Savings: $670.00
Manager Auto G22 MANAGER Auto G22

  • New ergonomic head locking system
  • Tool locking with automatic setting of appropriate distance from the rim.
  • Standart Shelf ATEK AIR Inflator
  • New designed rim flange, perfectly clutching
  • New Push&Leave pedal system
  • Extra reinforced profile group that minimizes stretching
  • Automatic tilt back system
  • Standart PROFESSIONAL PLUS system for high performance tyres
  • Optional Autolever
  • Mount/demount head specially designed for alloy wheels.
  • Reinforced automatic bead breaker.
  • Ergonomic jointed and shaped knife.

Our Price: $7,200.00
Special Price: $6,480.00
Savings: $720.00
full automatic tire changer, leverless full-automatic tire changer, automatic tire changer, tire changer, best tire changer GammaT 30IT Leverless Full-Automatic Tire Changer Up to 30"

The GammaT 30IT Leverless Tire Changer is a full-automatic machine (up to 30") with everything that necessary for changing all kind of car tires. You can use for extremely flat tires without any damage on the rim. It's equipped with accesories which are needed for convenient and easy tire change. With this machine you can save time and labor for your business!

Our Price: $8,600.00
FASEP S237 Super Automatic FASEP S237 Super Automatic

RASE.TOP.3128 is a super automatic lever-less tyre changer.
It is suitable for car wheels having rim size from 12” to 28”, without any need for lever or other tools to dismount and mount any tyre.
Easily removes tyre form the rim thanks to the bead breaking tower synchronized with clamping chuck.
Equipped with pneumatic bead pressing arm.

Our Price: $19,900.00